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Are Crystal Dildos Safe? - How To Use Crystal Sex Toys

Crystals and crystal dildos are having a moment right now, but is the "healing" material actually safe to use in your vagina? Experts explain the risks of stone sex toys and how to use them properly.

What It’s Really Like to Use a Crystal Dildo

As I ran the crystal down my stomach, I loved how cold and heavy the quartz was — if you’ve ever used a glass or steel dildo, this feels similar. The thing is that a crystal doesn’t vibrate ...

I Tried to Write a Story About Crystal Dildos — The Latch

Most commonly, the best dildos and other sex toys are made from non-porous body-safe or medical-grade silicone, which means they can be cleaned properly and will not harbour nasty bacterias that can harm your vaginal balance and cause thrush or bacterial vaginosis.

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The term most commonly used in discussions of crystal dildo safety is usually porosity. Porosity refers to the property of how much void space is found in and/or on the stone, given its total volume.

6 Things You Can Do With Your Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo

If you’re feeling low, you’re not really in the mood, but you need to do something for you. Pick up that Dildo and place it in the bath - just let it stay there. The Rose Quartz Crystal can help to supercharge and infuse your water with loving energy as you practice a little self care.

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If you are looking to save the environment, the steps in the process of making crystal dildos have no harmful effects on the environment. Disadvantages. Crystal dildos do not vibrate, so if you love vibrators, these are not for you. Crystal dildos have a higher tendency to harbor bacteria so one has to be more careful with hygiene. Concluding remarks

Glass Dildos vs. Rubber Dildos: Which Sex Toy is Right for You?

Cage Match: Glass Vs. Rubber Dildos. The downside to glass dildos is that they are hard and completely inflexible. This is not a problem with rubber dildos. The two most common types of rubber used in sex toys are jelly and silicone rubber. Both feel soft and pliable to the touch, making them feel more like the real thing.

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Within the assortment, you also get different types of dildos like double-ended dildos, ribbed dildos, and spiral dildos, to name a few. With their appearance, you can just see through your true cravings! Within our Crystal Dildos collection, you can make sure that it only has the best materials. Glass makes up the toys in this amazing variety.

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But, if done correctly, ceramic dildos can be safe to use. To be non-porous, the creator must vitrify and glaze their product, so make sure that this has been done. You’ll also want to make sure that there’s nothing toxic in the glaze itself, such as lead.