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Urban Dictionary: hosebag

Noun- alternative term for a condom, usually used. Variant term: scumbag. Noun- enema bag. adj- term for someone who is less than desirable. A general looser.

Urban Dictionary: Author parisofpriam

6. n. (slang: brown bag) A douche bag. An enema bag. 7. n. (generic) A whiner. One who whines, and blames others/everybody for his mistakes. (See stool pigeon.) 8. n (generic) A fall guy. (See Admiral Husband Kimmell.) 9. n. (generic) A scape goat used to draw attention away from a systematic government failure of massive proportions. 10. n ...

Urban Dictionary: bag

A large goal, typically one of three categories: 1. Money/material wealth. 2. Larger goals in your life. 3. A literal bag, which you can store things in (like money or marijuana).

Urban Dictionary: A bag

1.Loads of cash 2.A significant amount of currency 3. More than 20k but less than 100k 4. Definitely a niggas re-up 5. To produce a very high volume of profit in a short period of time

Urban Dictionary: Douchebag

a guy that is a royal jerk and will one day get his. a typical loser jerkface asshole who lies to girls, doesn't know how to be a man and is a big pussy.

Urban Dictionary: Michael Brown

5. n. (generic) A paunchy fashion god of the LLBean type. Any flabby middle-aged caucasian male who believes that rolling up his sleaves makes him appear macho and decisive, despite massive evidence to the contrary (see George W Bush, Dick Cheney, James Earl Carter.) 6. n. (slang: brown bag) A douche bag. An enema bag. 7. n. (generic) A whiner.

Urban Dictionary: botched it

When you fucked something up. Get a botched it mug for your father-in-law Günter.

Urban Dictionary: Golden torpedo

A large(Or small, whatever floats your boat)penis that is shaped like a torpedo soaked in paint.

Urban Dictionary: Cleveland Dry Dock

A Cleveland Dry Dock is accomplished by entering someone else's bathroom, bending down and turning the water supply to the toilet off, flushing to drain the remaining water in the tank, then proceding to leave a huge Steamer in the bowl.

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