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Because it's the most fucked up thing you could do to him, the most wrong thing you could do to him while he's tired up, it could potentially be the hottest thing he's ever experienced for you to be with another man while he remains bound and unable to stop you. However, that could go south easily and he'll hate you. It's walking on thin ice.

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Tease him, run your fingers down his chest, stomach, thighs,genitals, neck etc. Do the same with kisses. Tease him until hebegs for sex. There are many things you can do to a guy while he istied up.

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When hold up stockings is tied up, put your breasts in front of his face, and make him please them. Straddle his head and make him lick you. When you do both, tell him to lick what you present him, do not tell him what it is, and then when he does, ask him how he likes it, ask him if there is anything that tastes better.

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Ok my girlfriend ended up leaving me because of all this she told me that they never talked at all. We're broken up now and my friend still comes around but he dosnt seem like a real friend he says I would never do that, and then bragged to me the other day about how he hooked up with a chick who has a boyfriend.

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best is to tease them. You lick and nibble to get them aroused but don't finish anything moving on to a different part. Using food like honey whipped cream chocolate syrup to write things on their body then consume it. Put parts of your self tantilizingly close to them but just out of reach.

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They make these oil massage candles, they smell amazing too. Just light it give a couple minutes to melt and drizzle it on him. They get very warm but not hot enough to burn your skin like regular candles. Give him an erotic massage the candle wax rubs in like any other massage oil.

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11) Once you have him tied up sit on his face and make him make you happy! 12) Remember that in general whatever he tries to do to you is what he wants you to do to him. It's a guy way of communicating. 13) Make him negotiate for release. Nothing big, just make him admit he was wrong about something or get him to make a small promise.

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If you want to blow your boyfriend’s mind, spice up your sex by introducing sex toys. You can try some handcuffs or vibrators. You can decide if you are to be handcuffed or if your boyfriend is to be tied down. The sex toys ensure that you have fun and you both get your climax. When you do this, your man will always be anticipating the sex.